Indoor herb garden

Using herbs to your cooking enhances flavor and adds nutrients to each dish, but it can be difficult to find fresh, high quality herbs year round.  With a little creativity and some unused materials from around your home, you can make your own indoor herb garden.Mason jars work wonderfully for planting herbs indoors.  You can often find them used at thrift stores or garage sales.  Try to find the pint size or larger, as the half pint jars don’t leave much room for growing.  You can also repurpose many things from around your home, mainly your kitchen.  Save your jars from jelly and jam, mayonnaise, pickles, any anything else with a glass jar.  Remove the existing labels by soaking the jars in hot soapy water.  It should loosen the adhesive enough that a kitchen scrubbie or steel wool will take it right off.  Rinse the soap off thoroughly.  Fill ¾ with potting soil and plant your herbs.


You can leave them on your countertop for easy access or you can add a shelf into your kitchen.  A wooden or metal shelf looks nice but can easily be bumped causing the glass jars to fall and break.  Repurposing an old wooden drawer as a plant shelf is a great way to keep them from falling off the shelf, as well as keep them out of reach of kids and pets.  It also adds a shabby chic look to your kitchen.

With a little ingenuity and a few trips to the thrift store, you can have an amazing herb garden in your own home.