Summer 2013 Fashion Trends for Women

Spring is upon us, and once again it is time to start getting out our summer clothes. The shorts, the swimsuits and yes those wonderful summer dresses all need to be gone through. Wondering what’s hot and what’s not?  Here are some of the hottest trends for summer fashions this year.




Bermuda Shorts


This summer standby is still one of the hottest trends for 2013.  These are great for all body types and allows for freedom of movement.  The variety of colors is endless, and can be matched with a summer tee and sandals for that totally relaxed look or with a tank-top and summer jacket with a pair of heels to give a nice glamorous and professional look.

The Shorts Suit


The short suit paired with heels, earrings and a necklace can give any woman a touch of glamour and style.  Great for the office or going out on the town, these suits are a must have for any wardrobe.

Flats and Low Heels


This summer’s hottest trends in shoes are flats and low heels.  They offer a variety of looks from the strictly casual to the ultimate professional.  With the wide variety of colors, you can have several pair to fit any look and whim that you have.



This year, stripes are in.  From horizontal to vertical, thin to wide, it is one of this year’s hottest trends.  Caution:  Make sure you buy the stripe that accentuates your body type, not make it look out of place.

Summer is around the corner.  These hottest fashion trends of 2013 are the talk of the town.  Adding these to your summer wardrobe will make you the hottest summer trend in your town.